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Interagency Data Inventory

The Interagency Data Inventory project is an initiative of the Data Committee of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (Council) to catalog the data that Council member agencies purchase from vendors, collect from industry, or derive from other data. Council member agencies may use the inventory for identifying data gaps and for improving research and analysis to understand threats and vulnerabilities in the financial system. The portion of the inventory relating to data collected from industry is provided here to promote public understanding of financial regulatory data collections.


The public inventory will generally be updated each year. Each participating agency validates the entries in the inventory for which it is primarily responsible. The listing of a collection of data in the inventory does not signify that all Council member agencies will have access to the referenced data.

Every effort has been made to ensure that this inventory is comprehensive and complete. However, please note that data are gathered as of the “last updated” date and are subject to change. Some of the underlying data that are referenced in the inventory may not be public data due to their proprietary or supervisory confidential nature.